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date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 11:20:52 -0600
from: worm 1
subject: breakfast of champions

  "f is for fired"

a dramedy in three parts by sue grafton
based on a true story about events that may or may not have happened 10 years ago in a byerlys.
ben affleck as peter martin
robin williams as the store manager
vinn diesel as the store managers snotty son
and moon unit zappa as the love interest

"this play is about a young peter martin, thinking he can get away with taking a free soda, just like that store managers snotty son, but tragically he ends up losing his job over the whole incident. i felt the original story lacked any actual depth so i added a love interest, in the form of the lovely moon unit zappa."
--sue grafton

"i was never fired, i quit over a disagreement with management."
--peter martin

"would you look at these guns!!!"
--vinn diesel

peter martin will be reprising the role of ben aflleck as peter martin
jack tomczak will be reprising the role of robin williams as the store manager
cameron holley will be reprising the role of vinn diesel as the store managers snotty son
steph martin will be reprising the role of moon unit zappa as the love interest

so join us, this saturday, to relive the passion and the romance of "f is for fired", at the legendary scene of the crime, byerlys in Burnsville. the street address is:

401 County Road 42
Burnsville, MN 55306

you basically take either 35w or 35e south to burnsville, get off on the county road 42 exit, go east(left) about 4 blocks and byerlys is on your right. breakfast, as always, will be at 10:30, but it is going to be saturday this time around. hope to see you there.