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date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 11:55:27 -0500
from: worm 1
subject: boc4

  you know you were raised on "breakfast of champions" if:

-you know that another name for a keyboard is a "synthesizer"

-you thought trent reznor was innovative and not just a guy with to much time and money on his hands.

-just like peter martin you clothes pinned your jeans around the ankles

-you were fooled like everyone else into believing jay leno really was a good replacement for the tonight show.

-you thought it couldn't get any better than "the terminator". then they had to go and make "T2". man.

-you have a moral dilemma with other culture's customs of arranged marriages, but you watched at least one episode of "married by america", "the bachelor" or "joe millionaire".

-you or someone you know has an unnatural fixation with either ben affleck and/or josh hartnett.

-you hoped temptation island would make it to the 82nd season, which would be named appropriately "TI82" and would be about the complex relationship between a man and his calculator.

-you remember when hillary swank wasn't artsy, but was in fact the next karate kid.

-you found The Facts of Life to have no real depth, and were thrown for a bender whenever Jo acted like a guy.

-you were angst ridden for years without reason, until "they" decided generation x did extend past dec. 31st, 1976. finally your anger had a voice, and you understood why.

-you can attend breakfast, this saturday at 10:30am, at:

Modern Cafe
337 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(right near the McDonalds and SuperAmerica on University and Broadway)

Thank Breakfast Of Champions It's Friday.