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date: Wed, 17 May 2003 16:31:26 -0500
from: worm 1
subject: breakfast of champions

  Lone Hippy protests two week absence of Breakfast of Champions outside City Hall

A crazed hippy was seen protesting the two week absence of the breakfast of champions this afternoon at City Hall in downtown Minneapolis. Fox 9 investigative news reporter Tim Sherno has the story:

Tim Sherno: excuse me, crazed hippy, what are you protesting?

crazed hippy: breakfast of champions, man. how do you expect me to eat on the weekends when no one tells me where to go for two weeks straight?

TS: this sounds like fox 9 news investigative report material, what is this breakfast of champions you speak of?

ch: breakfast of champions, man! peace, love and sausage links for everyone!

TS: you do know it's 2003, right?

ch: why are you always trying to get me down, man?

TS: i've never met you before.

ch: you're the devil, Sherno!

TS: look pal, i don't know if you saw our special on falling through thin ice in the winter or the follow-up about the guy who drove his snowmobile into a large pool of open water on a river and lived because he watched our special, but we save lives. important lives! because people who drive a snowmobile into a large pool of open water on a river in the winter on their snowmobile can at least vote. and if i know my bill of rights, and i'm pretty sure i do, hippy's can't vote, man.

ch: "Casey Jones was an old engineer, Call for his family tonight, they will fear, All I need is my water and coal, Look out the windows, see my drag wheel roll."

TS: ok. so what's this breakfast of champions you were talking about? who's behind it?

ch: breakfast of champions is bigger than any one man, man. breakfast of champions is like a whole other world, man. every sunday, just like church. except when it's on saturday, then it's like banana joes. except no girls dance on the tables, it's usually only some balding dude.

-the remainder of the interview lacks and depth or interest, much like what you have just read. this has been another thrilling fox 9 news investigative report. if you wish to meet Tim Sherno he will be continuing his investigation this saturday, 10:30am at the Uptown in Uptown. the one south of hennepin across from Calhoun Square.

Breakfast Of Champions. Unscripted.