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date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 14:48:58 -0600
from: worm 1
subject: breakfast of champions

  a guide to what movies are up for best film of the year along with what may or may not cause them to take the oscar:

return of the king: not enough naked viggo. in fact, no naked viggo. it's not like the guy wouldn't do it. i mean, his next "hit" is hidalgo, the story of a lot of people not caring. jackson could have flashed him a few extra bucks for a butt shot. every hollywood classic has to have a butt shot. look at bird on a wire, can anyone say young mel gibson? by excluding the man butt, you alienate half your viewers and cameron.

mystic river: sean penn. kevin bacon. tim robbins. three men that would never carry a movie on their own. but put them together...

the passion of the christ: mel gibson, the actor who brought us hits like bird on a wire (see above, man butt!), Ransom (give me back my son!) and Lethal Weapons 1-4 (parodied in the american classic loaded weapon with, you guessed it, emilio estevez), brings us the story of christ in this masterpiece. plus the guy is crazy. mel gibson, not jesus christ.

honey: it stars jessica alba's stomach. oh, and missy elliot in a possible career ending move.

bird on a wire: what can i say. mel gibson. goldie hawn. a drug deal gone sour. hylarious antics involving the witness protection program, a gay barber and some motorcycles. sounds like the recipe for an oscar if you ask me.

breakfast of champions: although not a movie or the oscars, it may be more entertaining than both combined. or it may not. only you can make that decision, so decide this sunday, 10:30am, at the CC Club on Lyndale as we celebrate leap year with sausage links.

C C Club
Address: 2600 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408